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The Reach Someone Foundation
The Reach Someone Foundation

What have we been working on?  It is a beautiful opportunity and privilege to share with you that this Foundation, together with your collaboration, contributed to 7 projects in 4 different nations.

What projects? Which nations?


  • Shipping and distribution of food in communities in Venezuela.

  • Purchase of three machines for the manufacture of shoes, located in Mexico, but distributed to many nations.

  • Help for constructing and restoration of community homes destroyed by a hurricane in Baja California, Mexico.

  • Translation of the New Testament to Wanca Quechua people in Peru.

  • Provision for the manufacture of masks whose income was used as a resource for the community's welfare.

  • Training of 72 Pastors and leaders of 53 churches in Uganda.

  • Literacy of 20 people in the Valle del Chacama community in Peru.

With the Rock of our Salvation and your collaboration, this Foundation has fulfilled its mission this year. Thank you for your support.

For the most updated information on how The Reach Someone Foundation is serving across the world, check out our Project Updates page.   

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