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The Reach Someone Foundation founders Myriam and Ernesto Vallejo

Meet Our Board of Directors 

Melissa Vallejo, President & CEO

Howard Charles, Treasurer

Omayra Sebastian, Secretary​

Carlos Del Rosario, Board Member

Ivan Diaz, Board Member ​

Myriam Vallejo, Board Member, Founder

Ernesto Vallejo, Board Member, Founder

Pastora Alicia Hernaiz-Spiritual Advisor

Founders Myriam and Ernesto Vallejo

Romans 15:21


Vision - to help individuals, families and communities in their spiritual, economic, and educational development so that they are motivated to transform their environment and improve their quality of life.

The Reach Someone foundation logo

The Reach Someone Foundation was founded by the wife-husband duo, Myriam and Ernesto Vallejo, Together, they are obeying the call of God to reach people of all creeds and nations to offer them: Quality of Life, and Knowledge of the love of God.


The Reach Someone Foundation was incorporated in the state of Florida on October 21, 2012, We are a 501(c)(3) private non-profit organization.  


This foundation is dedicated to carrying out projects of immediate need in vulnerable places and to carry the message of Jesus Christ, inside and outside the USA. Our goal is to see transformed people have a better quality of life and live a new life.


We arrive in their environment to identify the needs of their surroundings to be able to carry out a project of immediate necessity.


Through the workers established in each place, we arrive at the village, and become aware of the immediate need that would improve the overall environment and quality of life.


We foster friendships so we can reach them and carry out the project while simultaneously bringing the message of God's love.

How do we do it?

The projects are completed with contributions that the foundation receives. We count on the generosity of donors and churches to sustain us in the work along with all the wonderful volunteers.  


Those who receive the message of Jesus are disciples, leaving them to be an established leader within their community.

Why Projects?

In various places there are communities where the water they use for their daily use is stagnant or water from polluted rivers and lakes.


This water is used daily to wash dishes, wash clothes, bathe, fish and at the same time drink and cook. This is an example of the opportunity we have to improve their quality of life and to announce the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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