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Vision - to help individuals, families and communities in their spiritual, economic, and educational development so that they are motivated to transform their environment and improve their quality of life.


The purpose of the foundation is to give individuals, churches and institutions the opportunity to donate to Reach Someone Foundation realizing that their donations as a whole, can reach different societies with the intention of producing positive and integral changes in diverse communities.


With your prayers and financial support, The Reach Someone Foundation can carry out projects that allow a better quality of life for individuals and communities. Be part of making a difference in the lives of many. 

How? By praying for us, volunteering and providing your financial support.  There are no words that we can express when we look into the eyes of those who through a project see transformed lives and communities

To raise funds through fundraising opportunities to accomplish projects in areas where the gospel is not reached and utilizing our volunteers to maximize our reach of souls for the kingdom.

Romans 15: 21

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